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How We Make Money

To comply with FCC regulations it would appear necessary to state that is not a nonprofit website. In fact let me state upfront that Yes, we hope to make a profit on this site.

So, how do we go about making this profit? While not excluding other possibilities that are not on this list these are the main ways we hope to make a profit.

Adsense and other PPC (pay per click) ads. In case you don’t know what those are. Usually on the right side of our pages and often in boxes with in the text of our pages you will see often lists of links other times a banner. While Google always states at the bottom the links are Google ads, some of the other similar ad companies do not. And yes, we do get paid when you click on these ads. Not much, but we do get a little per click. Many of these programs also pay by the PPI (Paid per Impression) method where we make a very small amount of money each time an impression is made.

Affilitate Ads. You will find these ads in many different locations on the page. Sometimes they are text links, other times they are banners. These are products we think might be useful to some of you. Once again, yes we get paid for these ads. Sometimes it is per click, other times the person clicking needs to actually buy something for us to get paid these are often called CPA (cost per action), PPL (paid per lead), or PPS (paid per sale).

So, any time you click on a link whereby you leave and go to another site that is trying to sell you something, you do so at your own risk. Yes, you risk actually deciding you want the product and therefore having to spend money in order to obtain the product. And in addition, the very act of clicking the link or buying the product may result in receiving payment for having referred you to the site, this payment being paid for by the site we refer you to.

You will find that for the most part does not actually sell any product we only refer you to places where you might find a product of interest. For that reason you will likely not see many disclaimers on our site. However if you are actually selling a product and you make a claim about the product i.e. “9 out of 10 Doctors recommend this wonderful product”, you had better write up some pretty good disclaimers, qualifiers or better yet read the PDF published by the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) about whether this is really a good idea. You will find a link to the PDF on this page Dot Com Disclosures Information About Online Advertising

Was this "Truth in Advertising" page Necessary?

Good question! Truthfully, you might say we are just covering our butts. As with many Government regulations, “How to Comply” is strictly a matter of guesswork and there are many grey areas where it is tough to know whether the law really applies to you. So really, it’s up to you to decide if you need a similar page on your website to comply with FCC regulations.

Remember though this is different than the “privacy” page you find on the bottom of this site. A Privacy page outlining your sites use of Cookies, how you use any data you collect etc is very important on pretty much every website, but in particular any site where you are trying to make money.

Is this "Truth in Advertising" page Sufficient?

Another very good question! As you read the “Dot Com Disclosures” PDF you will start to get the idea they would like you to write a paragraph around every link you make money on disclosing that you might make money if the person clicks on the link. But they seem to concede the possibility that you might write your disclaimer on one page and then make it readily accessible to anyone going to your site.

That is the method we have chosen. But how you decide to interpret the wording of the law is up to you and at your own risk (Notice, yet another disclaimer!)