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By Snowhat

Whether you have been renewing old cars for years or just decided to start, there always comes a time when you decide to get a new car. So where can you get yourself that “new” car? You can always look to the Charlotte auto auctions.

Now, before you go and buy yourself a car at an auction, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. This list is a few of the thing that you need to do, expect, and be concerned about, BEFORE buying a used car:

  • VinAlert: While seemingly unimportant, a VinAlert report can tell you how many accidents the car has been in and help you to decide if you really want to get the car or live in a headache when you are rebuilding it. The price of a VinAlert consult, $9.99 a car, is also cheaper than CARFAX, $25 a car, making it less of a hassle to find that car that you really want.
  • Research: Researching into a car has various things besides just the CARFAX. For example there are numerous guides, like the Kelly Blue Book, that you can use to really see the value of the car that you are about to buy. Research also entails that you look up reviews on the car, see what specific problem a model has, if you can easily fix them, and if it is worth the cost.
  • Look: looking sounds like a no brainer. BUT, in reality, looking is one of the most important things that you can do when buying a new car. Why? Because if you are looking, you can find all sorts of different things that people don’t always mention about their used car. For example if you look for the VIN numbers and see any of them that are different, there is a good chance that the car has been in a major accident.
  • Use the Dipsticks: Why are the dipsticks important? The dipstick will tell you if the car was kept in a good condition. If the dipstick all pull clear, that can be one extra hint that the person took good care of his car.

So these are some things that we need to pay attention to when looking at a car. So let’s say that you found your car that you want. Now what do you need to be careful of when bidding or actually buying that car?

  • Frenzy Bidding: Frenzy bidding is when you keep bidding past the price you want to pay, just for the sake of bidding. Now when you’re reading this you may think, “Well, that’ll never happen to me.” But in reality, Frenzy bidding can cost you hundreds and up to thousands of dollars more just for the heat of the bid.
  • Bid Raisers: If you are looking around at the different bidding areas, you can usually find a person that goes to all of the different bids, not with the intent of buying, but just to jack up the prices. If you see people like this, it is usually better to stop bidding and try for something else.
  • Title: The title is the most important part of buying a car. Now, even if you haven’t bought a car before, you probably already know that. So the reason that I mentioned it is because the person selling the car could say to you, “I’ll get that title out to you in a few days or a week.” This can be really dangerous. There is always that possibility that the person will walk away with your money and keep the title, giving him legal proof that he owns the car and you just handed him a bunch of cash.

These tips are just a few of the things that need to be watched when buying a used car. But still, have fun bidding!