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Add a Car Show to our Calendar for Free!

North Carolina Car Shows would be happy to add your car show for free to our list of car shows. However you must meet these requirements.

  • Must be held in the State of North Carolina.
  • Must be open to the general public. This can be with either free admission or paid.
  • Must be automotive related(Cruise, show, swap meet, rally etc.)
  • Note: We except other shows besides just car shows. Motorcycles, trucks, trackers and boat events are permitted as well.
What you must send us.
  • An article talking about the show. Tell us why we will want to be there. What will we see, food, music, award categories, any restrictions etc. Add anything that will generate interest in your show. Talk the show up! This is important in attracting both contestants and the public. Usually you should be able to write at least 350 words but you can make it as long as you like.

    The article must be in a text format so we can cut and paste from the article onto a web page. We will not be able to get the information from images, your website, or other media.

  • It helps to have a When, where, how much, and contact info list included so people can scan the page and find the information quickly.
  • Your contact information can include both an email address and a website for them to get more information from.
  • Pictures of past shows. This is very important in helping to generate interest in your show. We prefer images around 700 px wide(10.0 inches), but we will work with what ever you can send us. We accept up to 15 pictures per car show. If your club has a Logo, that would be good to ad also.
  • If you would like us to include a registration form, we can add this to your listing. It is best to have the registration form in a PDF format, this prints off better and everyone can read it. Word documents can not be read by all of your potential registrants

Here is an example of a good listing. Union Hill Car and Motorcycle Fest

(note: By sending us your show information and photos you are giving us rights to use them on as well as in other promotional websites)

Email your show information to