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Car Shows. For car lovers, especially classic car lovers, there are few things in this world that compare. Shimmering paint jobs, roaring engines and a smell of raw power fill the air. Yes, to many car enthusiasts the big car show of the area is the high light of the year.

But that is just the problem; you have to wait a whole year for it. What I if were to tell you don’t have to wait a year for the next great car show. Sure many people have heard of the big shows of North Carolina, the Charlotte Auto Show, the Raleigh Auto Show and the Metrolina Expo, but what haven’t heard of are the smaller car shows of the state.

Smaller Car Shows

Counting the smaller car shows you might be surprised to know you probably don’t even have to wait a week for the next North Carolina car show. And let’s clarify, when we say smaller car shows we are not referring to the little rinky dink backyard car show with a broke down Honda Civic parked next to the grand total of 12 participating vehicles.

No, when we say “smaller ” car shows we are simply stating that they are not as big as the nationwide known auto expos. You will find that even among the “smaller” car shows you will find very few shows that don’t have at least 50 – 100 cars on display and many have 500 – 600 cars on display.

What to Expect

What will you expect to find with these “smaller ” car shows? Well you are not going to find too many Toyota Camrys, unless you are at a tuner show, but that is a completely different story. What you will find with most car shows is that they are theme based.

The most popular theme is the classic car show. These shows don’t allow any cars that were born after 1980. You will find mustangs, chevy’s, buicks and an overall feeling of the fifties in these shows. Many times their will be 50’s music, 50’s dances and maybe even some 50’s garb there.

Special Interest Car Shows

Other common theme based car shows are: Corvettes only, Mustangs only, antique cars only. In these shows they typically have a lower number of cars, usually around 50 or so and most often based around a car club with a specific interest in a particular vehicle. These shows might be just what you are looking for if you are that hardcore Mustang fan that wants to talk everything Mustang with other Mustang Enthusiasts.

Whatever it is you are looking for, whether it is a world famous auto expedition, a classic car show, motorcycle show or even Mustang only show you can find it right here in North Carolina. Check out’s 2015 North Carolina Car Show Calender to see what is going on this year in North Carolina.

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